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Highway 151 and Loop 1604 Regional Center

The Highway 151 and Loop 1604 Area Regional Center Plan was adopted as a component of the SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan on April 14, 2022. Thank you for viewing the plan and sharing it with others.

To view the full, adopted plan, download this PDF: Highway 151 and Loop 1604 Area Regional Center Plan (2022)

A History of the Highway 151 Area

From the 1800s to today, this area on the far west side of San Antonio has transformed dramatically from ranchland to recreation to a regional center of economic activity. Spurred by the efforts of one master developer, the Highway 151 and Loop 1604 Regional Center is now home to a variety of uses, including large job providers, major institutions, and new residential development. Positioned at the intersection between two arterials, this area has boomed with residential and economic activity as one of the fastest-growing areas in San Antonio. In recent years the space has become a hub for data centers for national and global corporations due to reliable electricity and high speed internet.

Conceived as a regional center – with the attraction of SeaWorld and the Hyatt Hill County – the area has also created more locally-serving amenities for residents such as Northwest Vista College. However, the area still feels the effects of traffic and congestion from having multiple regional shopping, recreation, and job destinations, and strong housing growth outside of the city limits. The future of this area will depend on its ability to be connected within its boundaries, and to the city and region as a whole.

As the people and businesses of the Highway 151 & Loop 1604 Area continue making history, we are standing on a solid foundation.

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